2 seater sofa.jpg

2 seater sofa

Cleaning of 2-seater sofa.

Price fixed for a standard size.



colchon 90.jpg

Mattress 90 cm

Cleaning of individual mattress.

Width: 90 cm.

* minimum 2 units



limpieza de sillon.png

Armchair cleaning

Cleaning of armchairs.

Price fixed for a standard size.



3 seater sofa.jpg

3 seater sofa

Cleaning of 3-seater sofa.

Price fixed for a standard size.



colchon 150 cm.jpg

Mattress 150 cm

Cleaning of doble mattress.

Width: 150 cm.



silla comedor.jpg

Chairs cleaning

Cleaning of chairs

Price varies according to size, amount of fabric and difficulty.


€8 - €15

chaise longue sofa.jpg

Chaise longue sofa

Cleaning of chaise longue sofa.

Price fixed for a standard size.



colchon 180.jpg

Mattress 180 cm

Cleaning of king size mattress.

Width: 180 cm.



Carpet cleaning Marbeclean.jpg

Rug / Carpet cleaning

Cleaning of natural or synthetic carpets.

* long hair + 20%



* Minimum service € 60

* Displacement within 20 km from Marbella - FREE.

* VAT is not included

Antibacterial treatment with steam


Cleaning the furniture with steam is the most effective tool against bacterias.

The elements of the interior of the home, which are commonly used, are constantly exposed to contamination and attacks from various microorganisms, such as mites, which must be quickly expelled from the tissue because they can affect human health, causing allergies and diseases. In addition, the vital activity of these microorganisms spoils furniture upholstery.

Cleaning the furniture with steam is the best solution to eliminate the "life" from your furniture. The high temperature helps to destroy the microorganisms that can settle between the fibers of the material.

Cleaning the upholstered furniture with a steam also removes a part of the dirt, then our specialists clean the areas with special methods to prevent the development of mold and mildew.

It is also very popular today to clean carpets with steam, because in this place there is the greatest amount of bacteria. The cleaning of your home will be at the top after we arrive and help you to clean your house with professional equipment. The high technology equipment will ensure the elimination of unpleasant substances and microorganisms from all types of surfaces.