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In Marbeclean S.L we can provide you all that you need in cleaning and washing of indoor and outdoor upholstered surfaces. We will take care of finding the best solution for your needs. We work in the Costa del Sol region.

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We specialize in:
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Cleaning of carpets

The cleaning of carpets is a very important procedure, which should be carried out twice a year. The carpets are certainly an important part of the interior, with their help they create the comfort and warmth of the house. They are also a playground for small children.

On the other hand, floor coverings are still the most important dust collectors in the house. Dust and dirt accumulate in the tissues, insects and microbes multiply. Even with a normal vacuum cleaner the desired result can not be achieved because the vacuum cleaner is able to remove only the dust from the surface... And what about the dirt and dust that gets tangled between the fibers and is found inside the material? Here you need a deep and quality dry cleaning! The experts of the cleaning company "Marbeclean S.L" have all the necessary equipment to perform a professional cleaning. Professionals from Marbeclean S.L have a great experience in this sector. We use special products that expand the fibers and allow dirt particles to be pushed to the surface, as well as professional equipment that by means of mechanical action collects various dirt particles that adhere and get entangled in the fibers.

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Cleaning of upholstered furniture

The company Marbeclean S.L offers cleaning services for sofas and other furniture at home in Marbella, San Pedro, Estepona, Mijas Costa, Fuengirola, etc. It is recommended to clean the sofas at least once a year. The fulfillment of these measures prolongs the useful life and guarantees the cleaning of your furniture or carpets.

The cleaning involves removing all the dirt, stains and microorganisms that are harmful to humans, not only from the surface, but also from inside the material. Thanks to the powerful equipment, the sofa remains slightly humid after cleaning and dries completely in about 5-10 hours. The time to complete the drying depends more on the upholstery material and the conditions of the room in which the procedure was performed. It is recommended to leave the air conditioner on for a couple of hours, or leave the windows open.

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Mattress cleaning

In Marbeclean S.L we offer the services of dry cleaning of mattresses with home delivery. We clean orthopedic, spring, latex mattresses and mattresses with other fillings. The treatment is carried out with the help of an extractor and professional chemical products that allow you to remove the most of existing contaminants and return the mattress cleanliness and a perfect appearance in the shortest possible time.

Drinks accidentally spilled, urine, sweat or just a long-term use - all this makes the mattress not only unpleasant but also dangerous. A dirty mattress becomes an ideal breeding ground for mites, bacterias and mould that cause the appearance of unpleasant odors at home and can cause a severe allergic reaction in the skin and respiratory tract. So if you have had a problem - do not postpone cleaning your mattress by turning it over to hide the stain. It is better to consult a professional. As the practice shows, if the dry cleaning is done within a week after the "accident", this allows to eliminate the stains up to 100%. And your new mattress will delight you with cleanliness and comfort!

We also do:

Cleaning of car upholstery // Washing of exterior floors // Anti-allergic cleaning with steam under pressure // Integral housing renovations // Renovation of bathrooms // Reforms of kitchen // False ceilings // Decorative lighting // Removals

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